La mindfulness au travail aux Etats-Unis (conférences en ligne gratuites)

Pour info, des conférences en anglais en ligne commencent aujourd’hui à 13h (heure France métropolitaine). C’est apparemment gratuit.

« You’ll learn how mindfulness can help you become a better leader, transform your workplace, improve your team’s health & performance, and feel more fulfilled at work. You’ll discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies from this diverse group ofexperts that have never been gathered together before.  We will learn:

✔   How to introduce Mindfulness at work and win over skeptics
✔   How to lead with focus, clarity, and authenticity
✔   How to increase productivity and wellness in the workplace
✔   How to create a collaborative, innovative, and empowering culture
✔   PLUS…the latest science, case studies, teaching mindfulness, mindful movement, mindfulness in K12 & mindfulness in Higher Ed

Sessions are filled with key takeaways, tips, and practices that you can apply immediately. «

Summit Schedule

NOTE: Sessions will be released 7am Eastern Time Zone (USA)  each day and available free for 24 hours

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Day 1 – Mindfulness at Work

Monday, June 11

  • Dan Harris – How to Get Skeptics to Meditate
  • Rich Fernandez – How to Effectively Teach Mindfulness in Organizations
  • Melli O’Brien – Come to Your Senses: Finding Fulfillment in an Age of Distraction and Instant Gratification
  • Elisha Goldstein – How to Use the Power of Tribe to Make Mindfulness at Work More Effective
  • Caroline Welch – Presence, Prioritizing, Pacing and Pivoting: The 4Ps in the Workplace


Day 2 – Case Studies: Mindfulness in Action

Tuesday, June 12

  • Peter Bostelmann – Mindfulness in Action at SAP
  • Manish Chopra – Mindful Leadership in Action: McKinsey & Co
  • Andy Lee – A Case Study: Mindfulness in Action at Aetna
  • Marvin Riley – Mindfulness in Action: EnPro – Becoming the Best Version of Yourself at Work
  • Katie Meyler – Leading with Compassion: Overcoming Impossible Odds


Day 3 – Leadership Development

Wednesday, June 13

  • Bill George – Mindfulness & Authentic Leadership in Today’s Corporate America
  • Jacqueline Carter – Leading with Mindfulness, Selflessness, and Compassion
  • Paul Behrman – Bringing Your Whole Self to Leadership and to the Workplace
  • Richard Strozzi-Heckler – What is Embodied Leadership and Can it Serve Us at Work and in Society?
  • Wendy Palmer & Tiphani Palmer – Your Body is Your Mind
  • Mark Tercek & Jonathan Foust – We’re On the Same Side! How Mindful Leaders Can Find Common Ground and Save the Planet


Day 4 – Workplace and Culture

Thursday, June 14

  • Dan Goleman – Mindfulness and the 12 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Sharon Salzberg – Real Love at Work – Is That a Real Thing?
  • Raj Sisodia – Is Capitalism the Solution or the Problem? Changing the World by Changing How We Do Business
  • Diana Chapman – How to Create a Conscious Company Culture
  • Lindsey Kugel – Simple Ways to Integrate Mindfulness into the Workplace
  • Brian Robertson – Holacracy: A Revolutionary Management Practice for a More Human Workplace


Day 5 – Science and Technology

Friday, June 15

  • Dr. Dan Siegel – Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence
  • Judson Brewer, MD, PhD – Our Craving Minds: Why We Get Hooked and How Mindfulness Helps Us Break Bad Habits
  • Graeme Moffat, PhD – Neuroadaptive Technologies in Mindfulness, Research, and Brain Health
  • Nichol Bradford & Dr. Jeffery A. Martin – Can Technology Play a Role in Transformation?
  • Christopher Lyddy, PhD & Darren Good, PhD – The Science of Contemplative Management: Impacts and Integration of Mindfulness at Work


Day 6 – Mindfulness K12

Saturday, June 16

  • Andres Gonzalez & Ali Smith – Replacing Detention with Meditation – A Case Study from Baltimore
  • Robert Thomas – The Future of Mindfulness in Education: Moving Toward a New Vision of Possibility
  • Daniela Labra Cardero – How a Small Non-profit Brought Mindfulness to 50,0000+ Teachers and a Nationwide Curricula in Mexico
  • Barnaby Spring – Mindfulness in Action: NYC Department of Education
  • Elan Gepner-Dales, Johane Ligonde-Nemorin, & Dr. Mario Santos – Creating an Invitational & Compelling Environment for School-wide Mindful Practices


Day 7 – Mindfulness Higher Ed

Sunday, June 17

  • Rhonda Magee – Mindfulness and Transformative Education: Contemplative Teaching and Learning for Social Justice
  • Charles Lief – Mindfulness and Compassion in Action: Naropa University – America’s First Mindful University
  • Reka Prasad – Bringing Mindfulness to Students of Color in Higher Education
  • Oliver Hill – Contemplative Practices in Higher Education in Ways That Honor Cultural and Philosophic Contexts
  • Michelle Chatman – Mindfulness in Action: Cultivating a Mindful Campus at the University of DC


Day 8 – How to teach Mindfulness

Monday, June 18

  • Yael Shy – Generation Meditation: Mindfulness for Emerging Adults
  • Mark Coleman – The Power of Nature in Teaching Mindfulness
  • Dawa Tarchin-Phillips & Diana Winston – Teaching Mindfulness: Tools & Techniques to Transform Lives
  • Dr. Christopher Willard – Making Mindfulness Stick with Kids and Teens


Day 9 – Hot Topics

Tuesday, June 19

  • Congressman Tim Ryan – Is the Dream of a Mindful Nation Over?
  • Ruth King – How to Grow Our Inner Capacity to Face Racial Ignorance and Relieve Distress
  • Robert Wright – How Evolution Shaped the Human Brain and Why Meditation and Buddhist Philosophy Can Lead to Enduring Happiness
  • Lama Tsultrim Allione – Discover Your Feminine Power
  • Dawa Tarchin-Phillips & Diana Winston – The Professionalization of Mindfulness: Contributions, Critics and Cultural Impact


Day 10 – Mindfulness+

Wednesday, June 20

  • Leo Babauta – Pushing Into Fear with Devotion & Purpose
  • Fleet Maull – Learning to Listen to the Gut: Cultivating Interoceptive Awareness for Geater Intuition
  • Larissa Hall Carlson – Office-Friendly Mindful Movement and Breath Techniques
  • Loch Kelly – Effortless Mindfulness: The Revolutionary Next Stage of Mindfulness
  • Cara Bradley – Flow at Work: Feel Better and Perform Better
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